Random Act of Kindess

Random Act of Kindness
Posted on 11/14/2017
​Everyone benefits when we show kindness to another.  The giver because it feels great to give.  The receiver because it feels great to receive.  All those around them because happiness is spread to all.  Science backs this up.  Research shows that kindness is good for you.  It produces oxytocin, a hormone that lowers blood pressure.  It also boosts serotonin, a natural antidepressant that calms you down, makes you happy, and heals wounds.  Endorphins that reduce pain and relieve stress, anxiety, and depression are also released.

Studies show that being kind increases confidence and optimism.  It makes people feel stronger and more energetic.  People who make helping others a habit look younger and live longer.

Kindness costs us nothing, but we gain many benefits in return.